About us - We are a young team of entrepreneurs, YouTubers, eSports athletes and editors who are not just connected by their passion for gaming but by their vision to actively enrich this enormous and fascinating part of global entertainment by connecting people and brands.






We are merging all elements of gaming to ride the wave of great development together with players, spectators, pro-gamers as well as corporations to shape the world of gaming with them.

Gaming has been a great way to get to know people. That’s part of what I love about games, that they are social.

– Rich Sommer, Hollywood-Actor

The versatility of our team is also reflected in our fields of activities. On a daily basis we entertain thousands of spectators with our diversified content, help them with our coachings to improve at the game, manage some of the best pro-gamers of the FIFA eSports scene and consult companies with our expertise concerning gaming and digital communication. bPart of it!



As one of the first FIFA players, Malte is using his public relations work for already four years to increase the social acceptance as well as the number of followers of the eSports and especially the FIFA eSports.
It was also Malte from whom came the initiative for founding bPartGaming. In 2013 he represented Germany at the Grand Final of the Electronic Sports World Cup in FIFA. Malte is one of the best-known faces in the German-speaking FIFA community. He commentated the final of the Virtuelle Bundesliga together with Frank Buschmann twice already. In traditional media he is also a welcome guest in the area of gaming and eSports.



Benny  is a FIFA YouTuber of the first hour. With his tutorials and Let’s Play he has shaped the German video market around FIFA to the one it is today, fascinating hundreds of thousand viewers on our YouTube channels bPartGaming and bPartGaming International alone. Moreover, Benny is the eSports veteran among bPartGaming. In Counter-Strike 1.6 he was already part of the scene. In FIFA he celebrated some achievements as well among others reaching the quarterfinal of the final event of the Virtuelle Bundesliga 2013/14. In the German-speaking FIFA community Benny is also know as a commentator. He graduated from the Technische Universität and the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich receiving a Master of Science in Bioinformatics.



Within the FIFA scene Georg made a name for himself as the analyst. He has already given more than hundred hours of coaching as FIFA coach and on top of that has published numerous tutorials and eSports videos on our YouTube channels. In those he shows in a detailed way – often using his own development from a beginner to a professional player as examples – what makes a great FIFA player. Additionally, he was responsible for live analyses and commentating at several events. But also as Let’s Player and protagonist in our comedy videos Georg is in constant communication with the community.



Since day one Tim was part of the team in his function as consultant and co-founder. He was of crucial importance for us to make our passion to our profession. Lately we could notice that him participating in our comedy videos has received very positive feedback.

For 10 years now he works as an independent consultant focusing on business development, strategic development and corporate philosophy. Among his clients are Allianz, DHL, T-Mobile and Lufthansa.

As a passionate gamer since 1986 he is not just talking about the target group but is part of it. Hence he was the leader of the largest german-speaking guild in Ultima Online, a master at Tekken and a successful raidleader at World of Warcraft.

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Games being played millions of times each day, YouTubers having a bigger range of influence than pop stars and a League of Legends world cup with more spectators than the NBA Finals are not just reality but simply heralds of a media revolution whose end is not foreseeable.

They said we would never fill stadiums. Boy they were wrong.
– Ralf Reichert, Managing director of Turtle Entertainment GmbH and Founder of ESL

At the same time we are motivated by the possibility to have an impact on society with our actions by standing for important values such as high content quality, transparency and respectful interactions with each other and therefore counteract the negative developments in gaming and digital communication.

We want to live up to our social responsibility in the years to come when gaming rivals and surpasses traditional sports, television and current advertising platforms. We are a part of this development and will shape is actively. So do you?


Content - For our more than 65,000 YouTube subscribers as well as for our clients we are producing various forms of content. This includes videos, articles for websites and print media or live streams. In addition, due to our expertise we often function as commentators, hosts and analysts in the area of gaming.

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eSportler Management - eSports is the sport of the new generation. FIFA is no exception. Big tournaments with over 2 million participants already take place. We manage some of the best players of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With our lasting public relation concerning the eSports we are helping to create acceptance and increase the pervasion of the public. We are especially proud that all three national titles - the reigning Swiss champion, the three times and reigning Austrian champion and the German champion of 2014 - are part of our trophy case.

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Coaching - No matter weather you want to climb the online league system, looking to beat your friends or have set your mind to becoming a professional player. We are here to help you reach your goal thanks to thought through elaborated, professional FIFA coaching with more than 500 hours of experience.

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The individual coaching is an offer, which shines especially because of it being perfectly tailored and individually as well as having a great love for detail. This form of coaching includes video analyses of your gameplay, targeted analysis of your strenghts and weaknesses and addressing those with individual training schedules all while incorporating your questions and wishes.

I can recommend the coaching for everyone who wants to improve at FIFA, regardless whether he is a hobby player or eSports athlete!

– Torge Steen, individual coaching participant

You should think about the individual coaching if you are looking to improve on the long run and are working towards a certain goal. With the adequate motivation and patience the chances of improvement are very high!

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The group coaching – contradictory to the individual coaching- follows the idea of training with multiple participants. The sessions employ general yet very helpful tips and tricks concerning all areas of the game. The coach is explaining those via live stream which you can follow alone or together. After each session there is a round of Q&A and time to discuss via TeamSpeak.
Due to the coaching in a group a whole new dynamic emerges. The active exchange between the participants is increased that way you do not just learn something from the coach but also from one another. Moreover, you have the chance to find new training partners within the group to practice the newly learned tips. In addition, the price is cheaper for everyone. If these points are of importance for you, then the group coaching is the right choice for you!
In your company are many passionate FIFA players and an event is just around the corner? In your football team everyone is also playing FIFA? You and your friends meet regularly for some internal competition?
Why not organize an offline coaching?

The live coaching of bPartGaming which was held in front of the whole group before the start of the “EA Presse-Cup“ has been very convincing both content and entertainment wise. I also received this feedback from the attendant journalists who were pleased about the support and as a result were able to enjoy the tournament even more. Gladly again!

– Marc Goroll, Communications Manager, Electronic Arts Germany

We arrive at a location of your choosing and coach the topics you want live. Included are a theory lesson, analyzing of gameplay scenes and ingame explanations. Games against our coaches who belong to the best FIFA players in the German-speaking area are possible as well.

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Consulting - Gaming is fascinating. However, it is also complex and a generally new topic in your company. That is where we come to the table. We can help you with our extensive experience to use the potentials of the gaming market to its best possibilities while keeping an eye on special characteristics and potential risk factors.


You want to become active on the gaming market for the first time by sponsoring or by introducing a new product?


As always, we are the first to do something revolutionary in the history of Turkish sports. The world is changing, and for our new generation, computers and the internet mean a lot. Thanks to our friends, we now have a new unit that will not compete on the field, but online.

– Metin Albayrak, Besiktas Istanbul

This is where we can completely support you:
Already at the starts of planning a possible sponsoring commitment; while trying to find out how a product will reach the target audience most efficiently and finally during every moment and every important step on the way to a market entrance. With our expertise we are your reliable partner at all times to highly increase your chances for a successful start in the gaming market.


You have completed the planning phase or are already active in the area of gaming? Yet, you are missing a suitable strategy to establish yourself on the market or to reach the target audience effectively? We can support you with our expertise on that matter as well as with many other strategical questions:

On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.

– Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo

What is the demand of the target group? With what should I appear on the market? When and how? Which marketing and communication strategies are ideal? How are my competitors positioned on the market? Together with you, we can find answers to these and further questions in order for your gaming commitment to be successful.


The target group in gaming is on the one hand side one of the most demanding but on the other side also one of the most loyal if convinced. You already have a certain degree of popularity in the gaming community and are looking to improve that? You want to learn how to generally ignite that fantastic target group? Or do you have a specific approach with which you want to reach this target group?

The appeal of massive, highly engaged audiences of a core demographic that’s difficult ot reach in any other way is strong, and it won’t be overlooked forever. Smarter brands are already building marketing strategies and budgets that include eSports, and it’s not just brands that are in small product segments that are tightly involved in eSports. The appeal is now a mass-market appeal, and mass-market brands are responding to the siren call.

– Matt Wolf, ‎Head of Global Gaming Coca Cola

Use our experience and profit from our deep understanding and interaction with the target group, because we were a part of it from the beginning and stand for creative communication concepts.


You are interested in our offers or have a promising idea or interesting project? We are looking forward to hear from you!

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